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Culinary Circle Snacks & Treats

Snacks & Treats

Snacks & Treats

Upgrade your little indulgences.

What’s your weakness? If you’re going to treat yourself, do it right with sweet and savory snacks that have a little je ne sais quoi.

Got a craving for something sweet or savory? Say goodbye to ho-hum and say hello to something special. Make snack time into an opportunity to indulge in something that’s interesting, flavorful and satisfying. In the circle, a snack is more than a snack. It’s an experience.

  • Cookies - +
    • Chocolate Rolled Wafers
    • Lemon Crème Rolled Wafers
    • Hazelnut Rolled Wafers
    • Maple Leaf Crème Cookies
  • Crackers - +
    • Deli-Style Water Crackers
    • Deli-Style Multigrain Crackers
    • Table Crackers – Original
    • Table Crackers – Wheat
    • Table Crackers – Vegetable
    • Water Crackers – Sesame
    • Multiseed Flatbread Crackers
    • Snack Crackers - Asiago Sun Dried Tomato
    • Snack Crackers - Gorgonzola
    • Snack Crackers - White Cheddar Rosemary
  • Salsas - +
    • Mango Lime Salsa
    • Peach Pineapple with Chipotle Salsa
    • Sweet and Spicy Corn Salsa
    • Roasted Jalapeño Salsa Verde
    • Three Pepper Salsa